Passion Never Retires

More than 10 years ago, Peter broke the rules of conversation about retirement with his groundbreaking story, Passion Never Retires. He changed the story about retirement from one focused solely on money to one focused on creating a life and work you love and never want to retire from.

In Passion Never Retires he moves that conversation to the next level by challenging entrepreneurs and their coaches to step up, broaden their capacity, and embrace a new role—Passion Never Retires storyteller. Passion Never Retires storytelling is the future of retirement planning—this new approach represents the value proposition that will separate successful entrepreneurs and their coaches from the rest.


Entrepreneurs and coaches making the transition to Passion Never Retirement storyteller understand the characteristics of a Passion that Never Retires:

  1. Passion: If you don’t use you your body or your brain in your creative life and work, you lose them.
  2. Purpose: Money can fund purpose, but it cannot create purpose.
  3. Portfolio: There needs to be a balance between vacation and vocation.
  4. Power:  A powerful story they tell themselves which gives them every day the energy to embark on physical, intellectual, and entrepreneurial adventures. Which are the hallmarks of those who continue to thrive as they age.

Whether a traveller is an entrepreneur or coach, Peter will inspire and ignite travellers as he challenges them. Peter de Kuster has been challenging and inspiring people around the world for close to 15 years with his unique insights into the power of storytelling, the hero’s and heroine’s journey and passion that never retires. Travellers  will walk away from this exciting journey with a new story (and vision) of how to find, create, keep a life and work they love. Never Retire.

Passion Never Retires 

Passion Never Retires is a private Tour with Peter de Kuster (1 on 1) which is customized on your story and questions. You are welcome to bring one or two business partner(s) with you at this private tour when they are on the same mission as you.

In 2018 you can choose between Paris, London, Rome, Florence,  Amsterdam, Berlin or Barcelona as the world city where we make our journey.

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