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In 2007 I had a near death experience in which I saw clearly what I would want to do with the rest of my life when I got the chance. Travel, write, true love. Be of significance. So I did. Travelled in cities of the world. Wrote tens of books. Discovered my Hero’s Journey.

On the shoulders of the mythologist Joseph Campbell who inspired me in 1999 by his life’s dedication to the study of the one great story of mankind I decided to develop a new kind of travel guide. A Hero’s Journey guide of great cities in the world filled with stories of people who live and lived in that city making their money doing what they love. The story of Gustave Eiffel for instance to remember his hero’s journey in creating the famous tower or the heroine’s journey of Coco Chanel. All these heroes and heroines of past and present created the literature, the art, the buildings, the movies, the music, the design, the opera, the life stories who inspired many of us. Their passion, their love, their journey can inspire you today on your own heroine’s journey. To make your money doing what you love. To do what you are. Inspiring us and others to come.


In 2012, with the publication of The Heroine Journey and The Hero’s Journey guides, I invited professionals all over the world to tell and share their story about their passions, what makes them happy, what are their worst enemies within, how and where to get inspiration in their city, who are their rolemodels, which projects they look forward to. In short. To tell their present story. By asking these questions I was triggering them to get away from stories and strategies based on fears or doubts and re-focussing their story on the basic drivers of all successful heroes and heroines throughout time: passion, adventure, happiness, inspiration, action-execution, a perpetual self – renewing entrepreneurial story. A Heroine’s Journey story. A Hero’s Journey story.

From the start in 2012 125.000+ professionals to date in the world – and growing every day – responded at linkedin to the question: ‘do you want to contribute with your story about your passion for your work to the Heroine’s Journey/Hero’s Journey guide’. Most of them follow the guides online. A lot of them sent their stories, their photo’s of themselves, their passion for their work, their favorite locations and the people who are important to them and started the ongoing telling and sharing of stories of professionals who follow their passion in cities and countries all over the world.

November 2015

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Almost ten years after launching The Hero’s Journey guides, business storyteller Peter de Kuster remains an irreverent, forceful voice—inspiring people to follow their passion, making money doing what they love and change the face of business.

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Peter as your storytelling guide 

Peter is often asked as storytelling sparring partner for an entrepreneur who is creating a new story for their business, to interject needed storytelling provocations, facilitate storytelling thinking sessions, attend meetings to review storytelling output, instruct and apply specific storytelling tools, or perform one-on-one coaching with individual creative entrepreneurs or project teams with a storytelling challenge.

By interjecting storytelling provocations and facilitating story reviews only at milestone points along the project timeline, individual entrepreneurs or corporate teams are encourages to incorporate fresh storytelling thinking into project initiatives while remaining unencumbered to pursue a variety of solutions that best meet their goals. Peter has found it ensures an end result that is creative, effective, and worthy of investment.

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