Stories to Unlock Creativity

The Hero’s Journey in Paris: Stories to Unlock Creativity

Storytelling Exercises to overcome the common barriers to creativity

We believe that everyone is creative and everyone can be an agent for change. Creativity is not a fixed trait, but more like a muscle—something that you can strengthen over time through practice and effort. In this class, you’ll learn storytelling exercises to help you and your team overcome the common barriers to creativity. Through hands-on activities designed and practiced by Peter de Kuster and his team, you’ll gain practical skills to help you learn from failure, find inspiration, and get unstuck. This class will help you grow your creative confidence and unlock the creative potential of those around you. Gain the tools and mindsets to break patterns, generate new ideas, and take creative leaps.
Introduction Learn why creativity has become a competitive advantage.
  • Debunk myths around creativity.
  • Reflection: What did your creativity look like when you were a kid? What does it look like now?
  • Meet the cast.
Learn from Failure Flip failures into opportunities to learn.
  • Create cultural conditions for people to try new things.
  • Reflection: What’s one valuable lesson you’ve learned from failing?
  • 4 Activities: The really bad ideas brainstorm, Get out of fail free card, Under the rug, The failure museum
Find Inspiration Diversify your experience to get to fresh ideas and find space to embrace curiosity.
  • Tune in and empathize with others and discover new things through inquiry.
  • Reflection: When you’re feeling stuck, what do you do to get yourself unstuck?
  • 4 Activities: What more can we find, Pain challenge, Step outside your context, Inspiration walks
Get Unstuck Get beyond assumptions that prevent progress.
  • Get out of your head and into your hands and experiment with multiple story angles to mitigate risk.
  • Reflection: When you feel paralyzed or overwhelmed by a task, what prevents you from getting started?
  • 3 Activities: Hunch hour, Spaghetti challenge, Wacky ways to fill a movie theater

About Peter de Kuster

Peter de Kuster is the founder of The Heroine’s Journey & Hero’s Journey project,  a storytelling firm which helps creative professionals to create careers and lives based on whatever story is most integral to their lifes and careers (values, traits, skills and experiences). Peter’s approach combines in-depth storytelling and marketing expertise, and for over 20 years clients have found it effective with a wide range of creative business issues.


Peter is writer of the series The Heroine’s Journey and Hero’s Journey books, he has an MBA in Marketing,  MBA in Financial Economics and graduated at university in Sociology and Communication Sciences.

Why Stories to Unlock Creativity

Creativity is not just for artists, musicians, and designers—everyone is creative. And in the age of automation, creativity is increasingly important for businesses and humans (not machines) to thrive. This class will give you a set of activities to help you get through creative blocks and practice creative problem-solving skills beyond brainstorming.

This Class Will Help You

  • Learn exercises you can use again and again to increase your creative problem-solving skills.
  • Change work and behavior story patterns to inspire new thinking and new ways of working.
  • Create storytelling conditions that help people feel comfortable trying new things.
  • Gain storytelling techniques to help your team and organization reduce the fear of failure and learn from mistakes.
  • Grow your creative confidence and the creative potential of those around you.

About Masterclasses at The Hero’s Journey

Our masterclasses are at the heart of what we do, and believe in, at The Hero’s Journey. Our range of carefully curated storytelling masterclasses address the great challenges of a creative business and life, following the broad themes of storytelling:  Vocation, Money, Self-Knowledge, Creativity, Passion, Happiness/Flow, Creativity, Self Promotion, Time Management.

During the course of any of our masterclasses, you will be challenged with stories of heroes of the past and present to think deeply about the issues that matter most, and provided with a space to share your thoughts with other open-minded individuals. Our masterclasses are designed and taught by storytelling experts, and include a mix of lecture, conversation and group activity.

Masterclasses are on demand. You can book this class every business day of the year, you will be guided by Peter or one member of his team.

The Hero’s Journey Masterclasses offer a small group of client participants – between 1 and 4 people – a guided and fascinating tour of various business venues and destinations to indelibly link the storytelling concepts of the Hero’s Journey.  This experiential event is designed to show real-world examples of our various thoughts and ideas that make up the Hero’s Journey storytelling framework.

Encounters Tailored for Your Project

Participants encounter firsthand the triumphs and failures of business storytelling and are guided to extract underlying principles that they can apply to their own business.

The client team gathers with Peter de Kuster in a predetermined “story -rich” city, such as Paris, London, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Florence, Berlin, Madrid, Vienna, Amsterdam, Venice, Hollywood or New York. In each case, we recommend a city best suited for the client and then develop a tailored mix of tour stops based on the client’s industry and issues.

How The Hero’s Journey Masterclasses Work

Typically, we begin Day One with a review of various The Hero’s Journey storytelling  frameworks and tools then set off on our journey together, visiting all manner of creative professionals and businesses that exemplify principles of telling stories. By learning how to spot these storytelling frameworks and seeing them in action, you’ll begin think about the ways they can apply to your business.

On Day Two of your Masterclass, we debrief the lessons learned, using a number of different story questionnaire techniques to structure this time. The aim is to richly extract insights gleaned from the from Day One’s experiences, and to understand how to apply them to your company.

We’re not looking for best practices — but for best principles. It’s all designed to drive your company to new thinking — and we are confident that many practical revenue-generating ideas will emerge from the field work conducted in a Hero’s Journey Masterclass.

Start with Peter de Kuster by planning a The Hero’s Journey Masterclass and take the next step to improving your business and understanding the Hero’s Journey storytelling principles detailed on his website.


You can reach Peter for questions about the program by mailing him at