The Hero’s Journey Series

About The Hero’s Journey Series

True creative leadership is a surprisingly rare ability, so much so that it can be tempting to regard it as innate, and consider those who possess it as somehow ‘born to lead’. Yet in truth, leadership is defined by a set of specific storytelling skills – skills like creative confidence, purpose, persuasion and resilience – that can be taught and developed over time. With organisations becoming less and less hierarchical and the changing technological and economic landscape posing a host of new challenges, mastering the skills of creative leadership has never been more difficult – or more vital.

That’s why we created the Hero’s Journey Series: a dedicated programme of virtual coaching for existing and aspiring creative leaders – founders, co-founders, managers, creative officers, artistic directors, design leads, innovation executives and entrepreneurs – from The Hero’s Journey for Business. The series are focusing on the 7 core storytelling skills all effective creative leaders require.

Each virtual personal coaching session is 3 hours long,  covering each skill in greater depth at a more advanced level with added time for exercises and discussion. Whether you’re new to being a creative professional, searching for ways to improve, or looking to train the creative leaders of the future, the Hero’s Journey Series is a crash course in the fundamentals of business storytelling.

The Leader’s Story

By examining the history of leadership, this coaching session highlights the challenges modern-day leaders face, how your own particular strengths and weaknesses affect your ability to lead, and how we can inspire others to grow as leaders as well as yourself.

What is your Story?

This coaching session aims to lead you to a more accurate conception of your personality and behaviour, and demonstrate how a more thorough understanding of your own mind can help you become the best possible version of ourselves at the helm.

The Power of your Story

This coaching session teaches you how to align your personal talents and passions with those of your busines,  how to both gain and show appreciation for work, and how to inspire others to share and invest in a united vision for progress.

The Hero’s Confidence

This coaching session examines the psychology of decision-making, the need for a balance between instinct and reason, and how you can maximise your successes and mitigate your mistakes.

The Hero’s Journey

This coaching session teaches us how to cope with the challenges of change and loss, how to gain a new perspective on difficulties, and how to find tools and strategies for enduring and recovering under any circumstances.

Your Client’s Story

This coaching session teaches us how to listen, how to ask thoughtful questions, when to give feedback, and how to show supportiveness through action as well as words.

Innovator’s Story

This coaching session examines the importance of innovation, the psychological and organisational factors that inhibit it, and how to encourage others in an organisation to embrace chance and seek out new ways of achieving goals.

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