The Taste of Happiness

In THE TASTE OF HAPPINESS, you’ll discover how you can identify, explore and experience your dream job, and how or if you want to pursue it. Peter de Kuster, founder of The Hero’s Journey, offers professional, personal and financial perspectives on how to transition into a new career and turn your dream job into a reality without risking your current job or jeopardizing your financial stability.


By following this practical and encouraging self-discovery guide in the footsteps of the hero in Midnight in Paris, you will gain a better understanding of who you are now; what fulfills you both personally and professionally; how to get from Point A to Point B on the road to your dream job; or perhaps satisfy your curiosity and gain a deeper appreciation for where you are now in your life and your career.

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Peter de Kuster is a sought-after expert on how to pursue and attain one’s dream job


09.40     Tea & Coffee on arrival
10.00     Morning Journey
13.00     Lunch Break
14.00     Afternoon Journey
17.00     Dinner Break                                                                                                                  Evening Journey

The Taste of Happiness 

The Taste of Happiness is a private Tour in Paris with Peter de Kuster (1 on 1) which is customized on your story and questions. You are welcome to bring one or two business partner(s) with you at this private tour when they are on the same mission as you.

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